Saturday, July 28, 2012

My Orly Flash FX Pick!

Hi! I know I'm still a new blogger but I've really been obsessing over Nails Blogs. I'll eventually get around to posting a list of all my Favorites! But please go check out The Polishaholic! I mentioned her in my last nail blogs and I really do love her! She's my nail-inspiration. She's the reason behind my addiction. So today I went over to my local Sally's and picked up one of the Orly Flash fx collection polishes. I've been debating for a whole which go buy and they didn't have the one I wanted so I settled for my second favorite; BE BRAVE!
Be Brave is a pretty pink bar glitter. I've heard so many negatives about bar glitter but this one was pretty easy to apply. A lot went onto the nail to do I was shocked. The formula was just great overall. The base color is Orly Snowcone- 1 coat. I really liked this Combination it reminded me of a mix between Cotton Candy or Bubblegum.
(I apologize for my stubby nails, I filed them down after a few broke so they'd all grow to the same length)


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