Monday, July 30, 2012

Orly Nailtrition Review

Hello fellow nail polish addicts! ( sorry about such a blury pic - my camera was being fussy)
So I have a product review today. I will have to give you a little back story. I have like the most brittle nails that I needed some kind of hardener or treatment for my sad poor nails. I had read a few reviews over which would be the most beneficial and it was a dead tie between OPI Nail Envy and this Orly beauty. I ended up reaching for the orly bottle at my local Sally Beauty.  My nails are totally loving me because of this stuff. It works amazingly. Not only do my nails feel tougher, they are actually growing ( which I have always struggled with).  I've already used like half of the bottle. Ive done the 2 week treatment once and use it as my regular base coat. I'll do another treatment in about a month. But until then , even just using it as my base coat regularly my nails still look better.    I also love that after a few applications it gives your nails this sheer pearlized pink color. Its almost like wearing a polish. Have you tried this product? Leave your review or opinions on it below :) You know you want to.

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