Friday, August 10, 2012

NOTD Glitter Mani :)

Hello Lovelys,
I'm doing this post from my mobile app, so it might look a little funny. I am going to be going on Vacation to Oklahoma for a week to visit my college roommate and her family! I might be Mia for a few days. But I promise to try to squeeze in a post.

Ok so now down to business.
I bought a new pretty glitter today . I bought Milani diamond dazzle. It's almost like a shimmer/glitter. It's very fine. Just by looking at the bottle I see golds, purples, greens, silvers and blues. It's so dazzling, the name is spot on. I just keep turning the bottle over and staring at it. I layered it over Fingerpaints michealtangelo, which is my go to orange because it's just fantastic and I'll do a review on it eventually. I hope you guys like. Tell me what you think of my layering combo!

All photos are in the shade except the last one! It's in sunlight! :)))

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Thanks Lovelys
Sami W.